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Thermal Auricular Therapy

Ear candling is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries in many cultures throughout the world.

Thermal Auricular Therapy is a relaxing treatment, which claims to have a variety of health benefits.

When lit, ear candles work by vaporising their ingredients and creating air flow towards the ear.

The term candle is somewhat misleading as the products used are not candles as we usually understand them. Ear candles are hollow tubes made from unbleached cotton or linen and hardened with beeswax. They are infused with honey and various herbs such a sage, chamomile or St. John's Wort, with some varieties also containing essential oils. When alight they resemble candles, hence the name.

Also included on this one day course:


Ear problems

A full routine

Lymphatic drainage massage

Contra indications


Sensory ears and much more......

Requirements: A&P Level 3 and level 3 massage

One day course, £100